Handball in communist RO

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Handball in communist RO

Postby webmaster » Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:16 am

Enrolled in a team sport?:

Your coach was your Master and your GOD.
There was NO mercy. PERIOD.

You faulted or crossed his path, you went straight back to the lockers and HOME, hoping that next PRACTICE would be better. Not to mention the put downs by the team mates.

There was no: "Ok guy, no problem" or "Hey, relax, no biggie" or "Good job man, keep it up" type of BS encouragement....The type the SOCCER MOMS lay on their offsprings nowadyas, calling it SOFT LOVE, rather than TOUGH LOVE.

On the contrary:
You screwed up, you had the guilt of your team on your head, together with the OVERSEEING COACH GOD, and some shitty remark from your team mates: "Hey, were you sleeping while that ball was passed to you?"

No BS. NO "It's OK, you'll do better next time"

You were on the BENCH. PERIOD. No soft TALK..no apologies, no excuses. You were just hoping that the COACH will not forget about you, and give you another chance.

Close to a GLADIATOR's vision and point of view.

Here are Romanian results for TEAM HANDBALL. second best sport in the World, after Soccer:
Romania - 4 times World Champions.

Any comments?
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