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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Tue Jan 16, 2007 1:51 am

The book will be out in a week or so. You can have a look at the index to see exactly what this book covers. Keep in mind people that this is a HISTORICAL NOVEL, not a documentary:


1. The conclusion of the campaign for the Wallachian throne
2. Wallachian order restored
3. Audience of Laszlo Hunyadi
4. The Battle of Nandorfehervar
5. The Battle of Nandorfehervar, the Turning point
6. Mehmed’s recovery
7. Newfound hope
8. The enemy within
9. The Saxon Holocaust
10. The Ottoman Empire returns
11. The war begins
12. Danube warfare
13. The Battle of Wallachia
14. The Siege of Poenari
15. Vladislavs exile
16. Old friendships renewed
17. The Battle of Vaslui
18. Return to Wallachia
19. The battle of Coltul Bolesti
20. Guardians of Christendom

A couple other things, some pointers pointing out what is and isn't in this story:

Wifes Suicide and Dracula Inspiration: Chapter 14

Vlad Enters Bran Castle: Chapter 1, opening of the story (I don't know why this is such a big deal, it certainly isn't a big deal in the book.

The event depicted in the woodcut of Vlad dining while watching people get hacked up: Chapter 9

Mehmed II praises Janos Hunyadi: Chapter 6

Vlad beheaded: Chapter 19

Some of the famous short stories are also depicted in this book but not all. The ones depicted include:

The man with a Keen Sense of Smell (chapter 8, the most gruesome moment in the story BTW.)

The 2 monks (chapter 11)

Nailing of hats to heads (chapter 11, there is actually some humor involved)

Brave Merchant (chapter 2)

I also think the event where he killed all of the beggars is in their too but I can't seam to find it. There is also a brief moment just before Vlads first encounter with Istvan Bathory when Matthias Corvinus mentions the event when Vlad killed his second wife for lying about being with child.

People, this is a WAR STORY. This is about Vladislav IIIs military life. If you are looking for some story that focuses on Vlads connection to Dracula, then look somewhere else. This story contains no sexuality, no profanity and the word: "Vampire" is used only once in the Epilogue.

If you don't know what Janos Hunyadi and Belgrade have to do with Vladislav III and what their significance is, this story will make it clear to you and leave you begging for more on the subject.
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