What's the deal with Cetatea Bran?

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What's the deal with Cetatea Bran?

Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:58 am

Can someone explain to me how Cetatea Bran managed to get mistaken for Dracula's caste? Isn't this just another guard post in the region?

I mean, why Bran and why not something like Hunedoara or Schaessburg, both places that are cool looking, big and places we KNOW he dwelt at some point VS some obscure tiny guard post sitting outside of a city he seldomly ever visited.
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Postby Vlad » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:13 am

My dear friend,
Bran Castle is the best preserved castle on Romanian territory. As I explained before, Vlad Dracula/The Impaler/TEPES/ had to go through the BRAN PASS, in order to reach BRASOV, where his SAXON enemies were. The same saxons that not only sheltered his enemies, but also restricted trade with his VALLACHIAN Kingdom.
Now, what is a KING to do under these circumstances?
IMPALE THE MO FO's until they get the MEANING of IMPALING, and until they get the meaning of WHO's WHO.
The TURKS knew better than to F.U.C.K with VLAD DRACULA, THE GHIAUR. They retreated, got him later. They are still searching for his skull in Istanbul....somewhere.
Sad story, indeed for a GREAT DEFENDER of Christendom.

In the meanwhile, it seems that a great US company is willing to pay as much as 100 Mill EU to acquire the property.

This SALE would make BRAN castle the most expensive residence in the world.

AND MY DOMAIN (www.draculascastle.com) the most desired.

Stick around. Thou shall find out the OUTCOME. :twisted:
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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:10 pm

Cool. I knew about the Bran pass issue (it's addressed in my book) but I didn't know about the preservation issue. That's interesting. TBH, Sighsioara is the place that really gets me for preservation. I looked at a picture of the town made in Vladislav III's time and it still looks just like that with the exception of a little more external development in place of the fortified walls.
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