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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Fri Mar 23, 2007 3:00 am

We have had problems in the past with members posting phone numbers and addresses on open board. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.

This board gets all kinds of visitors and most of them never sign up or make any posts. They simply look at the board without a word said.
Any board runs the risk of being viewed by violent perpetrators but this one is exceptional. It doesn't always look like it but this board gets ALLOT of traffic. Although Dracula'sCastle.com is built around the authentic history that inspired the vampire legend and meant for people interested in history, this board, because of it's name and relations to the legend attracts goths and various other people with theological and superstitious fascinations and even obsessions. I am not throwing dirt on goths, I had friends in High school who were Goths and I have a cousin who is one. Goths tend to be bright and articulate people with passive ways and good wits but their is a small minority of them who have taken things to the utmost extreme and some of them are VERY dangerous people and if you are posting addresses and phone numbers on open board, the smarter and more intelligent people are going to want to keep their distance leaving you very likely to be contacted only by a violent perpetrator. If someone has your phone number, they can find out where you live. Resources to track address by phone number is public information and dangerous people will obsessively hunt you down.
If I see any of this on the board, I will moderate your post for your own safety. In any case, this is a VOLUNTARY service I am doing out of kindness and concern for your safety.


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