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RE. 9/11

Postby Vlad » Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:11 am

If there was no conspiracy, the alternative is WORSE:

The alternative to a gov conspiracy, is as follows:

Where was HOMELAND SECURITY/CIA/FBI/NSA then?? (Sept 11, 2001)???
What were those entities doing at the time, other than feeling good about their hefty salaries by doing nothing??

Yeah, HomeLandSec.....keep taking the shoes OFF of passengers and pilots alike, maybe you will justify your s.h.i.t.t.y existence, paid for by US tax payers.

If there was no conspiracy, our government failed us badly, to say the least.
THAT is the SCARY part.

To this day, borders to the North and South are wide open, and it's OK.
No terrorists will dare cross our loose borders. All they have to do is go through airports, and hijack planes.
Not to mention the fact that with the DRONE technology (which US possessed for a while), they could actually steer a plane out of the pilots' hands, due to mandatory installation of such devices on the latest generation planes. PERIOD.

After watching History's channel presentation of "9/11 Conspiracies:Fact/Fiction" on the evening of August 20th, 2007, and seeing the editors of Popular Mechanics magazine trying to de-bunk the conspiracy theory, it dawned on me that the very same people must have had some article, burried somewhere in their archives, describing how DRONES work and how it is possible to remotely operate any aircraft. Therefore, Popular Mechanics felt obliged to de-bunk any theories regarding aircraft remote controlling capabilities. Please look into that.
If you accept the inertial navigation system which was installed on airliners back in the 70's, you should also be willing to accept the fact that remote receivers/controllers were recently installed also (unbeknownst to pilots, of course).
Nowadays, planes land themselves, literally. If that's the case, then the question rises up like a Viagra driven RED FLAG: "Can the people on the ground, re-enter the coordinates of the landing target of a particular plane???? HUH??HUH?"
Does the bear in the woods??

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"The whole globe is divided into three countries, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia all perpetually at war with each other."

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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:13 pm

The WTC were part of the circle of corruption in the US. To say the government would conspire to see it done is to say that they would cut their own arm off. Even evil only strikes those they have a motive to strike and protects those they have a motive to protect. They probably would have fortified the WTC if they could. However, this does not change much. All but one of the main contents of the conspiracy theories are true and in terms of the governments capabilities, the false is of little importance. The contents are as follows:

* The government is evil enough to kill that many people for self gain: TRUE (they have proven it in the past)

* The government used 9/11 to expand their powers, agenda and take away our freedom: TRUE

* The government is responsible for 9/11: FALSE

As we all know, the government is only 1 of the many people and groups who are willing to harm the American people and have the capabilities, so it is important among other things, to make the effort to seek and identify the perpetrators of such crimes rather then immediately blame the government for everything bad that happens. As Penn and Teller once put it: "We SHOULD be skeptical of the government, but we shouldn't just make stuff up."
It's as if the preachers of conspiracy are seeking to convince the American people that the government is evil enough to do that. Imagine that!! You don't need to convince people that the government is responsible for 9/11 to convince us of that.
Though allot of you will agree with me on this, you probably never took it to your gut like I am going to attempt to present it. 9/11 was peanuts compared to an atrocity committed by the US government AFTER 9/11 happened. Yes, I am talking about the invasion of Iraq. I am not going to play propaganda and say that it was Bush after oil as that is simply impossible. This is because JWB DID NOT have the power to invade Iraq. It was a joint effort by a variety of power holders to make it happen.
We can theorize all we want but these are the important things:

* The United states may ONLY go to war with countries who attack the United states and/or threaten the liberties of the American people.

* The US may ONLY go to war when they are declared by congress or when a country declares war against the US.

The last congressional declaration of war the US ever made was made on December 8th of 1941. The country that this declaration was made against (Japan) surrendered on September second of 1947. Today, millions of Americans drive around in vehicles made by the same company (Mitsubishi) who supplied that enemy with it's most potent weapons and the vast majority of video games we play are made by the children and grand children of the people we fought in that war. It's ancient history.
The last country to declare war on the US was Hungary on June 5th of 1942 as their "official" joining of the Axis against the US and surrendered before the war was even over.
Just because the constitution says so is no justification for fighting and dieing in another land so lets look at WHY the constitution was made this way.
The base idea is to limit military action to strictly defense thus not commit our children to wars based on peoples opinions and feelings. This also limits the government and serves as a barrier against our government turning in to a tyrant. In other words, it makes it so that we will not lawfully go to war without a good reason. Going to war on nearly any other terms means that our children are at risk of dieing on foreign battlefields for nothing or for the selfish interests of others. The intensity of struggle between tyrants and the passive is and has always been tight enough that this truth is practically inevitable. In that sense, it is a guarantee that going to war without a proper declaration means that the war is going too serve evil purposes.
In the case of Iraq, I suspect that JWB has been telling the truth from the very beginning. It seams to me that politicians get a kick out of telling people the truth about their bad intentions and watching people go off on tangents trying to slap some other motive on them that has no evidence to support it. If nothing else, it helps reassure politicians that the truth behind their bad intentions remains unknown to the public at large.
To those of you who are saying that JWB CLAIMED that Iraq had WMD, I have one question for you. What series of events led to French fries being called, "Freedom Fries?
Bush said from the beginning that this is about WMD and Oil is only a smaller issue. That right their is a blatant confession of tyrannical intentions and tyrannical intentions that actually make tactical and economic sense unlike the Oil theory.
The idea is to eliminate affective resistance (holders of WMD) in strategically important countries in the middle east and replace the governments with puppets allowing western powers to expand deeper in to the middle east making all of it's resources available to the US (including Oil among other things. To give you an idea, the relationship between the US and Iraq is a perfect image of the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia during the time of Vladislav III. Wallachia had economic and tactical value to the Ottomans that was best provided when the country operated under puppet rule. When Vladislav III cut them off, they invaded and eventually removed him from power replacing him with a puppet ruler (Radu the Handsome) making their resources and access to Europe much easier. The exact same is true with Saddam Hussein, the US, Iraq and the middle east. Put it in to perspective, the US is sharply mimicking the Ottoman Empire during the rule of Mehmed the CONQUEROR in the sense of foreign affairs while we sharply mimic Christian Europe at the time in terms of domestic behavior.
So, now we see how clear it is that the garbage going on in the middle east serves only the self interest of greedy politicians. But how does that compare to 9/11?
Well, to start, the people who bombed the WTC KNOWINGLY gave their lives doing it. As bad as it was, it was executed with conviction and at least some selflessness.
So far, none of the politicians who sent our children in to battle in Iraq have gone over their and put themselves in harms way as if they had conviction. Secondly, they are dispatching our children, including many who were already in the military and had no choice in the matter, out to fight and die. These politicians have always been as well informed as the rest of us what horrible things are happening to our children and Iraqi civilians alike and they do nothing to stop it. The people who bombed the WTC killed allot of people in a single day and were among the first to go. Most of their killing was done after they were already dead. They did not have to live day after day seeing people being mangled, tortured and murdered at their own hands. The politicians who many of us naively look up to do. Even as our people sat in front of a man, who had gradually cut the heads off of other Americans and now threatening to cut the heads off of them, begged for help, our politicians didn't even TRY to rescue them. In stead, they ignored it and continued with their selfish plans. Today, thousands of Iraqi and American people are nothing more then piles of rotting flesh and bone buried in the ground, and all so that a few politicians, bankers and business people can expand their assets and egos.
Iraq was not the first time. In Viet Nam, the situation escalated to psychological warfare on both sides resulting in all kinds of inhumanity that made the things that happened in Iraq look like a walk in the park but still they didn't budge or care. If this is not evil then I don't know what is. So to answer the question about the evils of the government, if it was the most beneficial thing to them and their personal interests, they would flatten an entire city with a nuclear bomb. This is the way these people are. 9/11 was the work of terrorists. It was also among the smaller national tragedies that has happened to America and our people in the last decade.
Regarding incompetency, the feds probably could have done something to prevent it had they not painted themselves in to a corner by tampering with the constitution and tinkering with laws to fit their own personal interests. Read up on the terrorists. These WERE NOT a bunch of middle eastern radicals who needed to get out more. They were very brilliant and well schooled people and had everything it takes to use the corrupt legal system the government created as a shield. The feds were on to them but the laws that had been put in place along with the deprivation of liberty (which also stopped the American citizens, who were on to them) from doing anything. Both the government and American people suffered from 9/11.
Vlad, I have some footage of some of the things our politicians have seen and let happen on behalf of their personal gain. It's all super horrific but it really opens your eyes on how evil people still are on both sides. I will send it to you if you like and you can do as you please with it.
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