The Shield of Christendom: Early chapter layout

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The Shield of Christendom: Early chapter layout

Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Tue Sep 04, 2007 1:42 am

A bit premature but I am getting the feeling that TSC is not being taken very seriously by consumers so I decided to give a brief look at the current chapter layout. This is only half the chapters at the very most and remember that the smallest chapters in this book are the size of the largest chapters in TWAA. There are quite a few in the works not shown on the list due to lack of name and being out of order.

* The battle of Kosovo
* A child of God
* A worthy Sacrifice
* The Battle of Varna
* Invaders from the East
* The Moon Prophecy
* The hour of Darkness
* The New Pope
* A Miracle Granted
* The Noon Bells
* Attack of the Corvettes
* A cause to Die For
* Fall of the Janissaries
* The Great Miracle
* Peace Everlasting

A few pointers.

"Invaders from the east" through "The hour of Darkness" cover the fall of Constantinople. These 3 chapters alone are about 1/3 the size of the entire book TWAA. The 3rd edition of TWAA will be significantly enlarged though.

"Attack of the Corvettes" through "The Great Miracle" cover the battle of Nandorfehervar/Belgrade.

Peace Everlasting obviously covers the death of Janos Hunyadi (this chapter may end up being thrown out.

"The Noon Bells" is the chapter that Vladislav III makes his final appearance in. His final appearance ends at the exact time and place where TWAA starts, down to the minute.

I am expecting the chapter count to be around 30.
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