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Surveillance CLOCK

Postby Vlad » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:22 am

"The reality is we are fast approaching a genuine surveillance society in the United States - a dark future where our every move, our every transaction, our every communication is recorded, compiled, and stored away, ready to be examined and used against us by the authorities whenever they want. The ACLU has created this Surveillance Clock to symbolize just how close we are to a "midnight" of a genuine surveillance society. But it's not too late - there is still time to save our privacy."

From: ... clock.html
and ... lock2.html

It's ok.
When our neighbors from South of the border enter US illegally, they don't have cell phones, credit cards, gps devices, therefore nobody can track them.

It's the real/honest US citizens, this GOV is worried about. (!?)
Not the illegals.
One day, this shall backfire and "I told you so" won't matter anymore.

Have you checked the underside of your car, lately?
You may have a GPS device attached to it, even though you did not pay for it, such as many (idiotic) Americans did - See LoJack, OnStar...etc, which they call "vehicle recovery systems".

They actually make stupid Americans pay for a system that will track their every move.

From a marketing point of view it is genial, brilliant, and at the same time the most cunning endeavour this controlled humankind has ever seen.

"PAY ME, so that I can spy on your every MOVE" - Vladimir ILYCH LENIN/KGB-NOT

The Bible says: "Blessed are the poor in spirit (πτωχοι τω πνεύματι): for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3)"
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