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IInd open Letter to CIA

Postby webmaster » Sat Aug 09, 2008 5:44 am

"How is it possible to allow the SOROS Corporation to suggest the name "ROM" for the gypsies around the world, while we all know that, in doing so, the International Community shall be confused in defining ROMANIA, a EU Nation, versus the GYPSY nation, which is a NOMAD International ethnicity? Why is US allowing these MISNOMERS?
Qui prodest?

When Israel was established back in 1947 sometime, it was done with the accord of the United Nations resolution.
How is it that Tiganii, pike, sinti, zingaro, zigeuner, bohemiens, gitano, gypsy/sies, as they are called and name themselves throughout Europe, can call themselves ROMA/ROMANY/ROMANI ?? Thus confusing the International Community into believing that the above are, in some evil and erroneous way, connected and linked to ROMANIA???

Analogous, or by analogy, it is like the Cajun people calling themselves FRENCH citizens.

Why is this allowed?
Why cannot US and the International Community stand up against these phoneys?" - end of e-mail


While we admire and cherish the GYPSY herritage, culture, skills and music, we do believe that, what Mr. SOROS did by calling gypsies "ROMA" and/or "Romany", was a crappy attempt at belittling Romania.
In the process, he managed to belittle the gypsies.
Way to go, Mr. SOROS.

We, in the spirit of the American Constitution, do not take lightly the discriminating twists Mr. SOROS throws around the world.

Mr. Soros would have won a larger acceptance, were he to call the gypsies, "HUNGAROS", which would have been a closer match.

However, while Mr. Soros and Mr. Roman (former Romanian Prime Minister) had fun deciding the name of a race/people, the gypsies did not care much about the newly appointed name of "ROMA".

Our Note: Both Soros and Roman are of Jewish origin.

Once the gypsies noticed the difference, they started to show their true colors. Gypsy pride went sky high.

Please post your comments regarding SOROS and/or the SOROS foundation.

Here's a starting link:
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