Romanian Marathon winner - No NBC ceremony broadcast

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Romanian Marathon winner - No NBC ceremony broadcast

Postby webmaster » Sun Aug 17, 2008 3:15 am

Constantina Tomescu-Dita wins the Olympic MARATHON, and NBC fails to show the MEDAL ceremony.

What a GAS. !!

Thanks for nothing, NBC.



With all due respect, we have to bring this fact to your attention:

While NBC is obviously Nationalistic and Chauvinistic for our dear USA, we cannot help but notice the fact that NBC is not showing/broadcasting the medal ceremonies, unless there is an American on the podium.

For instance: The women's Marathon was won by a Romanian. You (NBC), took the time to broadcast 2 and a half hours of that MARATHON, and yet, did not show/broadcast the medal CEREMONY on PRIME TIME. As usual, you keep ignoring the accomplishments of sportsmen and sportswomen from other countries.

Aren't you ashamed of yourselves???

YOU, with all the money you make, off of the young athletes of all ages, from different countries, not showing the Romanian 38 years old winner of the OLYMPIC MARATHON in Beijing, being presented with a GOLD MEDAL??? NO ROMANIAN ANTHEM BEING PLAYED on PRIME TIME?????

NBC: As proud as I am to be American, I cannot help but notice your chauvinistic approach as far as your broadcasts are concerned.

Furthermore, you (NBC) started out AOK by broadcasting HANDBALL, which is considered to be SECOND BEST after SOCCER, on this planet.

Then, you forgot about HANDBALL, since there were no Americans in the race. The shame is on NBC, again.

We have seen table tennis, tennis, boxing, rowing, gymnastics, swimming, etc..etc, all spread out on about 2-3- 4 channels - NBC- USA - MSNBC- CNBC

No consitency, no decent INFO regarding the upcoming events.

What happened to the Men's handball competition?
What happened to the Women's handball competition?

NBC: While the CHINESE were able to sustain and organize these 2008 Olympics, flawlessly, you failed as usual, at having a solid presentation of the sports and competitions, regardless of how many channels you had at your disposal.

We, as Americans, shall not put up with your chauvinistic ways anymore.
We shall switch channels until we find a decent one, may it be in England, Romania or China.

A TV channel that is not being CENSORED by the US GOV, or by any other GOV, and also NOT BIASED and NOT CHAUVINISTIC.

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Postby mildredex » Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:26 am

Who won the half a marathon race on Biggest Loser 3/17/09? I know that counting the time, the girl from the original Green Team won, and then Sione got second place, but who won the $10,000? because i know that a couple of people ate the sugar cookies to add on 5 minutes to certain people, Who ate the cookies, and Whose times got added!??
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