Good for the goose, not for the gander

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Good for the goose, not for the gander

Postby Vlad » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:35 pm

When and how, while working for any company in private enterprise and/or gov jobs, your employer finds out you applied for another job, you're HISTORY.
However, it is OK for John McCain to roam around for 6 months, basically doing nothing, applying for the presidency, and then going back to his senator seat.
Shouldn't everybody be allowed to search for other jobs without fear of losing their existing job, just like Mr. Senator??
Whatta GAS.
When will these senators and congress persons realize/comprehend this simple equation:
no jobs=no tax payers=no more free ride ??
It does not matter that they give themselves ($4K) raises every year. They can always print more money. They can also dip and borrow from the Social Security funds, leaving an I.O.U trail.
Let's see who are the BIGGEST thieves:
Wall Street moguls and yuppies, and/or the government entities which allow the THEFT to take place, willfully and knowingly and more than likely premeditated and paid for??
Capitalism 101 - The theft cycle keeps repeating itself every oh, 70, 80 years.
The 1929 "crisis" was all planned and culminated 10 years later with WWII.
The 2009 "crisis" may start WWIII.
Do not the stupid, greedy bankers think of a TOTAL HOLOCAUST, in which them and their families shall perish just like regular mortals, when the nukes shall start their deadly flight???
Wake up, greedy bastards and smell the roses, before the roses shall start glowing in the dark, together with your stashed away, overinflated and putrified moneys.
Your greed is immense and unstoppable. Your STUPIDITY and BLINDNESS, just the same.
May GOD help this PLANET and its PEOPLE survive once again.
In case WE, the PEOPLE do not survive, let it be known that our elected officials peed on themselves, while trying to piss on the people who put them in office.
CHANGE this, President Obama, if you can.
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