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Message to Microsoft/Bill Gates

Postby webmaster » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:04 am

Our dear geniuses,

While you are amassing vast amounts of money, for whatever "charitable" reasons, you are becoming more and more obnoxious in your agressive attitude towards "end users".

Microsoft/Bill Gates is trying to go after small potatoes/home users, nowadays.
Don't YOU dare do Windows Updates, because, in case your Windows XP was installed by someone else, MICROSOFT shall GIVE you HELL on your screen and otherwise.

Microsoft is/are arresting your desktop as such:

This is what you shall see, and your desktop shall always be black:


Well, my dear Microsoft/Bill Gates, if we are victims, why do you punish the victims??
Have you been flogged in your childhood??

When (even) Microsoft goes witch hunting, the US economy is in bad shape, indeed.

I have a Microsoft share. Any buyers?

P.S. Just kidding. Billy, please don't shut my system down. OKEE?
I am ROMANIAN. :evil:
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