Landlord spying on his tenants, in these US of A

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Landlord spying on his tenants, in these US of A

Postby Vlad » Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:48 am

Los Angeles, California, 03-30-2009

Mr. S. K. , landlord at an apartment building in Los Angeles, decided that 6 video cameras should be installed all around the small perimeter of his 11 unit apartment building, in the middle of Hollywood.

The said apartment building does not have intercoms installed for the benefit of the tenants. However, Mr. K has 6 videocams all around the building, which he can monitor, listen to, and also do whatever he wishes with the recorded videos.

We believe that this represents the outmost violation of privacy rights, which human beings may be entitled to.

In these US of A, Home of the BRAVE, Land of the FREE.

We shall follow through with the attorneys at ACLU.
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