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Vladimir Voronin of Moldova

Postby Vlad » Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:39 am

Dear Sir,

While you may not want to admit defeat as far as being able to preside over a small country such as the Republic of Moldova, you should also be aware that the majority of Moldova's residents are of ROMANIAN ancestry.

Regardless of the past communist relocations by the Stalinist regime, you, Sir, prove to be a "stick in the mud", when it comes to progress and the implementation of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

We hope you can hold on to your SEAT, while the rest of the WORLD is watching your every MOVE.

Who is paying you?? Ukraine?? or RUSSIA?

We understand your small country is caught in the middle.
However, given the history of BASSARABIA, old Romanian territory, YOU, SIR should be aware of the historical facts and try to acommodate the ethnicity of your STATE.
Your turning against MOLDOVIANS and BASSARABIANS of ROMANIAN ancestry shall produce nothing but troubles and it may become an international crisis.

Mind your actions, dear Vladimir Voronin.


Romanian Diaspora (watching your every move)
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