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Postby Vlad » Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:37 am

The flag that you see below:


Is not an invention prior to WW I, or after, neither is it an invention prior to WW II and/or after.

It is the flag that was established when the 5 regions of Romania were united for the first time: A.D. 1601, under Michael the Brave, KING of ROMANIA.

The harder the historian revisionist bastards are trying to hide these facts, the more these facts are going to explode in their faces.

"The Great Romania/Romania MARE, was round as a medal, and rich as a treasure" - would write a great historian.

That is probably why Russia extracted 20 years worth of "goodies" from Romania, as WAR REPARATIONS, while Romanians barely survived those years (1945-1965). Russia extracted whatever they could from Eastern European countries, as WAR REPARATIONS. Not surprisingly, these facts have been "swept under the carpet" by all International media.

Well, it is about time somebody/anybody, should lay the hidden deck of cards on the table, "face up".

Any volunteers???

The pillaging of the Eastern European countries by the Moscow regime(s), came to a definite end - KONEC FILMA - only in 1989, when RUSSIA could not pillage anymore, and therefore KONEC COMMUNISM - End of communism as we knew it.

To this day, throughout the so called "ex-communist" countries, the very same "kiss-asses" who had great power, influence and money in the old communist regimes, are still around and are flourishing with money plundered during communism. This is what is happening in today's Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc.
It is only when the last communist/securitate remnants disappear, that true democracy shall exist in those countries, and the true flag of Romania shall be displayed.
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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:48 am

Or when a bunch of jihads crash air force 1 in to the federal reserve building.
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