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Another BS wannabe Search Engine

Postby Vlad » Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:21 am

REGARDING the new SEARCH ENGINE wannabe/new comer, called, which is (falsely) advertising browsing privacy on the NET, here's the SCOOP: is the webhosting company, and/or DNS server, for a new search engine, called, which is advertising/promising anonymous searches.

When you access WHOIS.IS, and search for - you get the following:

IP Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
Website Status: active
Server Type: Apache/1.3.41
Alexa Trend/Rank: 1 Month: 9,645 3 Month: 8,521
Page Views per Visit: 1 Month: 2.9 3 Month: 3.0

HOWEVER, when you access RIPE ( - the EUROPEAN WHOIS database, you get ZILCH/NADA/NOTHING, when you search for same IXQUICK.COM.

What kind of SICK setup is this, when web sites registerd in US, can point to Netherlands?

THEREFORE, this new Search ENGINE a PLANT/PLUG/FAKE piece of s..t, probably planted by DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency).

Again...even though the WHOIS.IS engine points to NETHERLANDS, when you go to RIPE ( is no MATCH.
Not even for their IP:

We wonder, how many more Search Engines is the US Gov launching, under how many more names, in order to SPY on the American people?

Not to mention SPYING affiliates, such as,,, and all the rest of SPYWARE mongers out there, trying to get on your computer, into your house, into your life.

D.I.S.A: GET A LIFE. Go after the real threats, not made up ones, so that you can justify your FAT salaries, provided by private sector taxes.

You be the judge.
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