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They Live, We Sleep deeply - WAKE UP

Postby Vlad » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:10 am

IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?? - Pink Floyd ... re=related

If this link disappears, by any chance, please do not blame us.

Blame your ancestors, for not being able to weed out the real representatives of the people, from the thugs and thieves.

Just like the new generations shall blame us, for doing NOTHING about it.

What? 200 + years and only two parties exchanging POWER?

What? No TERM LIMITS?? The greatest DEMOCRACY in the WORLD, allows CongressPersons to go on..and on, forever?? Senators, the same??

These 450 + CongressPersons (to be politically correct), + ohh..We forget how many Senators...Living off of Private Enterprise TAX payers' money,
shall lose their good, God given jobs ?? EVER??

The JOKE is on US (pun not intended), and it shall be our children's INHERITANCE.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.
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