Vancouver Olympics - NBC at it again

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Vancouver Olympics - NBC at it again

Postby Vlad » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:11 am

They manage to SECURE all Olympics Broadcast in US.

They manage to show whatever they wish, whenever they wish,
regardless of users' preferences. With heavy censorship and heavy delays.

We understand DELAYS for the EAST COAST, as far as broadcasting times are concerned.

However, we do not understand why NBC could not provide LIVE coverage on the WEST COAST, being on the same timeline with Vancouver, CA.

Other than Canada or USA medal ceremonies, has anyone seen and/or listened to other national anthems? Like Switzerland, Germany and /or Russia??

Again and again, NBC proved (again) to be the most chauvinistic and nationalist entity on this earth.

Could it be that NBC it is a STATE RUN media outlet?

How could that be? NBC is also sponsoring RT (Russia Today) broadcast from NY. Available on Time Warner channel 236 in SO CAL, 24/7, and on US - Universal Sports at 8 am Pacific Standard time

Isn't THAT a contradiction in terms? Or a hidden agenda? Or, maybe a fake conflict of interests?

NBC: You can spoof many people all of the time, but you cannot spoof all the people all of the time.

Any comments?
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