State Lottery vs. a Lottery State

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State Lottery vs. a Lottery State

Postby webmaster » Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:27 am

Since the US economy is close to DEPRESSION (It has been in recession for the last 10 years), is it feasable that the Lottery entities shall use "some" of the earned interest on "unpaid" jackpots, in order to "jumpstart" the economy of these GOD BLESSED UNITED STATES of America??

Where is the money?? HELLO !! Where is the CASH FLOW?

Are you the same entity who manufactures paper money, on demand?? Inflating the US Dollar?

You're playing with people's lives, just as you did back in 1929.

Did you teach your children this scheme?? Or was it imposed on them by the Ivy League Universities and their Skull and Bones secret societies???
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