TV Channels/Cable/Satellite providers RIP OFF

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TV Channels/Cable/Satellite providers RIP OFF

Postby Vlad » Tue May 26, 2009 1:27 am

Clients of Cable and Satellite operators (meaning YOU, American people), should know that you are being double charged for watching certain channels, such as History, Animal Planet, CNN, Headline News (whatever crappy news those are), the list goes on and on.

People: You are being charged twice. Once by your provider, and second time by the Channel itself, which is pumping you with commercials all the time, therefore intruding on the time/access to those channels, already paid for by you, the consumer.

Cable, satellite providers, and the individual channels, are making out like bandits, collecting from users like you, and also from sponsoring advertisers.


Keep paying them, because they, together with the insurance and banking industries, are officially dipping into your pockets, no questions asked.

Highway robbery has never been so sweet, backed up as it is, by LAW Enforcement officers of these US of A.

What?? You want another channel?? Give us $5-10 buckaroos more per month, and you got it.

Somebody should regulate these bastards, once for all. We don't care if it's the FEDS or some 3rd party, but the STEALING/ROBBERY should be stopped.

Any comments??
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Postby webmaster » Tue May 26, 2009 2:04 am

The same people/companies, who robbed US citizens, are being bailed out by the robbed and the downtrodden.

How do you like that, SHEEPLE??

Vent your useless thoughts, cause if you do not rise up, you shall be eaten ALIVE by the same entities. THEY ARE NOT going away.
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