Was there a HOLLOWCAST in RO..EVER?

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Was there a HOLLOWCAST in RO..EVER?

Postby Vlad » Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:53 am

Our dear father (passed away at age 93, back in 2005), told us a simple story, as follows:

"While our Romanian troops were dying on the Eastern front and later on the Western front, the Jews in Romania were planting trees in Bucharest and throughout cities in Romania. Antonescu saved a lot of JEWS from being sent to the German concentration camps"

Why isn't this FACT of LIFE being acknowledged by ELIE WIESEL/Weisel???


DEAR ADL (Anti Defamation League):

While the state of ISRAEL is at the sweet end of receiving 10 Billions per year, from the sweat of private enterprise working Americans, we have inside information stating that NOBODY works in ISRAEL.

While we understand the need to counterbalance the heavy Muslim presence in the region, we can all agree that US funds towards ISRAEL shall start winding down, as of 2 years ago.

It is sad to know that after sucking Russia dry, a lot of Ashkenazi Jews moved to America. Once America is being sucked DRY, then WHAT?

Where will the Jewish people go to? What will they do?

There is a saying in the Romanian language:

"Itzi tai craca de sub tine" ( You're cutting the branch you're sitting on)

"IF we go down, everybody else goes down with us", attitude does not help either.

Just another pet peeve: Let us live, so that you may live, or the other way around.

With all the money stacked up in International banks, cummulated throughout the last 100 years or so, World Bank should prove its good intentions, rather than the BAD ones everybody else got used to.
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We grew up among Jews of Romania

Postby webmaster » Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:08 am

Back in the old country..we grew up surrounded by Synagoges and Jewish people. In the 1950's.

Proof that there was NO Holocaust in ROMANIA - NONE whatsowever.

The Jewish population of Romania, took their sweet time to decide whether or not to move to Israel. Most of them did move to Israel, mostly because of the Ceaushescu Regime, imposed on everybody, not just the Jews.

We had Jewish friends. The best friends ever. We still do.

Israel, why don't you give Romania a BREAK?

Why don't you give this world a BREAK?

Who LOVES YOU, Israel?
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