It is a demonic world...

For those who still believe.

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It is a demonic world...

Postby Dark Witch » Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:53 am

After reading Vlad's posts on succubi and incubi, I remembered Sunday school.
According to the christian orthodox official thesis, Earth is absolutely demonic.
Adam and his companion to life were sent away from Paradise after the original sin (eating the fruit from the forbidden tree). With them came here all the fallen angels (demons and the Devil), because the good angels remained in Paradise (totally rational since they didn't do anything worthy of being kicked out of there). That means that our whole world is the world of the demons.
It is said that we were given the human eyes and not the "eyes of the soul" because if we could actually see the reality, we would definately go crazy from the hideous sight.
But the faith in all these is depended strictly on each person's judgement.
Personally I believe that there must exist things or creatures that we cannot see. As I have mentioned in a previous post of mine, I couldn't possibly convince you that this is true, but you can't convince me about the opposite either. We must of course live our lives normally without being influenced by these issues, but if we want to be called open-minded, we can't be absolutely negative about anything, especially about matters that can't be proved true or false.
I would be worthy of living in tha Dark Ages if I didn't tell you now that of course during those Dark Centuries before Rennaissance many weird or simply unlucky people were accused of being evil or demonic. Millions of women were burnt because they were thought to be witches.
So, a person can't be absolutely sure about any of these, Vlad, but personally I tend to believe them.
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Postby Ketu » Fri Aug 25, 2006 7:39 pm

Witches were thought to be evil. Why? It could be because of the immorality in their lives. Nevertheless they were burnt for punishment out of superstition. This is a scary practice amongst people who most likely had a problem with adultery amongst them which probably led to the threat of prostitution. Wisdom is a folly when ignorance is a bliss....I could be wrong but this is only an opinion based on the standard of living found in a modern world today. :twisted:
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