A LIST of TAROM crashes

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A LIST of TAROM crashes

Postby Vlad » Fri Aug 31, 2007 3:36 am

Following chronological list contains all aircraft accidents in Romania since 1945, in which the aircraft involved was damaged beyond repair. Only airliner-type aircraft are listed (capable of carrying 14+ passengers).

(x) of (y), designates how many perished out the total humans on board.

13.08.1947 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAV 3()
TARS Bucuresti

13.08.1947 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAV ()
TARS Bucuresti

xx.xx.1951 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAA ()
TARS Fagaras Mts.

09.10.1964 Ilyushin 14P YR-ILB ()
Tarom Sibiu

10.10.1964 Ilyushin 18B YR-IMB 28()
Tarom Sibiu; nr

11.08.1966 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAN 24(24)
Tarom Lotriora Valley

04.02.1970 Antonov 24V YR-AMT 21(22)
Tarom Apuseni Mts.

07.12.1970 BAC One-Eleven 424EU YR-BCA 18(27)
Tarom Constanta; nr

15.11.1971 Antonov 24RV YR-AMA 0(22)
Tarom Bucuresti-Otopeni

29.12.1974 Antonov 24RV YR-AMD 33(33)
Tarom Sibiu

01.03.1976 VEB 14P YR-ILO ()
Tarom Sibiu

21.04.1977 Ilyushin 18V YR-IMI ()
Tarom Bucuresti-Otopeni

22.09.1977 Tupolev 134 HA-LBC 29(53)
Malev Hungarian Airlines Bucuresti

25.01.1982 Antonov 24RV YR-BMD 7(7)
Tarom Constanta

05.09.1986 Antonov 24RV YR-AMF ()
Tarom Cluj

09.02.1989 Tupolev 154B-2 YR-TPJ 5(5)
Tarom Bucuresti-Otopeni

28.12.1989 Antonov 24RV YR-BMJ 7(7)
Tarom Bucuresti; 50km W

10.01.1991 Boeing 707-3K1C YR-ABD 0(13)
Romavia Bucuresti-Otopeni

14.08.1991 Ilyushin 18V YR-IMH 9(9)
Tarom Karpats

31.03.1995 Airbus A.310-324 YR-LCC 60(60)
Tarom Balotesti; nr

22.02.1996 Antonov 24RV YR-BMK 8(8)
Autoritatii Aeronautice Civile Romane Baia Mare; 15km

21.11.1947 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAI ()
TARS Phouznicie

08.10.1960 Lisunov Li-2 YR-TAX ()
TARS Mironeasa-Iassy

13.06.1964 Lisunov Li-2 YR-DAC ()
Tarom Paragina Hill

Romania is rated Category 1 (meeting ICAO standards) in FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA)

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Re: A LIST of TAROM crashes

Postby webmaster » Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:03 am


Sudden DEATH. Their SPIRITS are still flying around us, not knowing what happened.

They will find out, eventually.

May GOD take care of their SOULS.
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