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Should Kosovo be allowed to become a country?

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Isn't Disneyland a country also?
Don't mess with Texas
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Postby Vlad » Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:21 am

How would you like a Cuckoo's nest such as Kosovo in your backyard?

Should Kosovo become a Country and establish a precedent for more Cuckoos????

The damage was done. Again, Western EU is screwing Eastern EU.
History repeating. Deja vu.
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To the new Cuckoos in need of independence:

Postby webmaster » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:13 am

If you want your independence in someone else's country, be prepared for the worst.

Do not expect UK, France, Italy and all the other "kiss American a.s.s" countries to support you, like they did with Kosovo. :twisted: :evil:

We truly wonder what US gov would do, if Texas were to secede from the United States of America? !! Or Hawaii, for that matter., Or California. Think US gov would negotiate or come in with tanks??

Hmmm...this could be the subject of another POLL.

The act of seceding.
often Secession The withdrawal of 11 Southern states from the Union in 1860–1861, precipitating the U.S. Civil War.

So, whatever happened in US back in 1860's, is being imposed and directed by US, on the Balkan countries.

People do not start wars. Their f'ed up leaders DO.

Is this another experiment on Eastern Europe, just like communism was??
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