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BBC AMERICA - Kosovo - Censorship

Postby Vlad » Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:13 am

Watching BBC AMERICA is like watching CNN/HeadlineNews.

Is like watching NO news at all.

Censorship at its BEST.

Serbian KOSOVO situation is being "ignored", in hope that it will go away, just by ignoring it.

BBC America is more concerned with news from Kenya, rather than news from Serbia, which should concern EU the most.

Sweeping it under the carpet, are you???

Obviously Americans don't "need to know" all the details within particular countries of the world.
However, when ex and actual presidents of Russia visit Serbia, in order to discuss the Kosovo situation, shouldn't Americans know about it?? Shouldn't Americans be notified of head of states visits within the EU?? Or is it on a "need to know only" basis?

Is US media state controlled?

Post your comments on this subject.
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