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Should we allow MS to constantly spy on us?

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Postby Vlad » Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:31 am

Dear Microsoft/Bill Gates,

While we thank you very much for these user friendly Operating Systems,
popping up every couple of years, (oh..since back in 1985 or so..MS DOS, or so), we have to respectfully let you know that we do not agree with
your intrusive tactics and/or your spyware planted on our systems, including back doors being left open for MS and/or US GOV only.

A while ago, you Microsoft, were begging the users to use your MS-DOS OS. You still do. In other ways, though. More like "brute force".

What we do not understand, is the fact that your software authentication people are harassing small entities such as ours. About 3-4 years ago,
somebody installed an unauthorized verision of Win XP, on one of our systems. Ever since then, you constantly banged on that system, plastered messages on our desktop, such as: "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting", requesting some kind of a payment, in order to make the OS valid.

Lately, you, MICROSOFT, became more and more intrusive, to the degree of actually shutting down that system.

Instead of going after the big thieves of this nation, you started a wild witch hunt, which will get you nowhere.

First, you tried to hook everybody on your Windows OS, willy/nilly, until you grabbed the market, then you turned around and started chasing
people, with your constant "required" updates and other intrusive techniques/tactics.

Could this be the reason why more and more Internet users are turning towards MAC and/or UNIX, and away from Microsoft??

If, going after small entities (such as ours), so that MS can make mo money, mo money. mo money, is going to boost people's trust in Microsoft, so be it. If it is going to boost Microsoft stock price, so be it.

In the meanwhile, we, the users of WWW, should find other alternatives of getting on the WWW, without the intrusiveness and spyware help coming
from Microsoft.

Is Microsoft/Bill Gates suffering of a godlike syndrome??

Any comments??
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