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"In 1396 Sigismund led the combined armies of Christendom against the
Turks, who had taken advantage of the temporary helplessness of Hungary
to extend their dominion to the banks of the Danube. This crusade,
preached by Pope Boniface IX, was very popular in Hungary. The nobles
flocked in thousands to the royal standard, and were reinforced by
volunteers from nearly every part of Europe, the most important
contingent being that of the French led by John, duke of Nevers, son
of Philip II, duke of Burgundy. Sigismund set out with 90,000 men and
a flotilla of 70 galleys. After capturing Vidin, he camped before the
fortress of Nicopolis. Sultan Bayezid I raised the siege of Constantinople
and, at the head of 140,000 men, completely defeated the Christian forces
in the Battle of Nicopolis fought between 25 and 28 September 1396."

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