Dracula castle returns to Hapsburgs

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Dracula castle returns to Hapsburgs

Postby Vlad » Thu May 25, 2006 4:28 am

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- More than 60 years after it was seized by communists, the Romanian government
is to hand back one of the country's most popular tourist sites, the fabled Dracula Castle, to its former owner, the culture minister said Tuesday.

The hand-over ceremony will take place Friday noon in the 14th century castle's museum deep within the fortress in Transylvania, said minister Adrian Iorgulescu at a news conference.

The castle, worth an estimated $25 million (19.6 million euros), was owned by the late Queen Marie and bequeathed to her daughter Princess Ileana in 1938. It was confiscated by communists in 1948 and fell into disrepair.

It was inherited from Princess Ileana (?) by Dominic van Hapsburg, a New York architect who will be at the ceremony on Friday, said Iorgulescu.
The Hapsburgs ruled Romania for a period starting in the late 17th century. Under the agreement, the owner will not be allowed to make any changes to the castle for the next three years, Iorgulescu said.

Restoration work began in the late 1980s and was partially completed in 1993. It is now one of Romania's top tourist destinations.

While known and marketed as "Dracula's Castle," the Bran Castle never belonged to Prince Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker's Count Dracula character, but the prince is thought to have visited the medieval fortress.

The Gothic fortress, perched on a rock, has appeared in numerous Dracula movies.

At the gates of Bran Castle, peasants sell Dracula sweaters hand-knitted from the thick wool of local sheep, cheesecloth blouses, and Vampire wine. Bran Castle is the most famous of 15 citadels and fortresses in the area, which were built by peasants to keep out marauding armies of Turks and Tartars and cruel local medieval lords.

Another former royal property, the Peles Castle, built in the late 19th century in the mountain town of Sinaia, will be returned to former King Michael, who owned it before it was confiscated by the communist regime in 1948.

Romania passed legislation earlier this year to return property to its former owners and establish a "property fund" to pay damages for assets that cannot be returned.
The fund includes stock in state-owned companies that are being privatized, such as utility companies, the Romanian postal service, and the Savings Bank.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press.

Apart from all the hype, Hapsburgs never RULED ROMANIA.
AP is dead wrong on this one, and whoever wrote the story should do more research before making such statements.

Remains to be discovered who the new owner is and how exactly did he inherit the castle.

Hmm, I have a feeling it will be moved to US, shortly
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Postby Shish-kabob-Forrest » Sat Jul 29, 2006 1:15 pm

I'll be ripping my hair out if they move that fortress one inch.
I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but their has been some behind the seens talk of making a movie off of TWAA. It's my understanding that some authorities in the movie making business are awaiting it's release and plan to take a look at the book.
Personally, I would be much more optamistic about a movie off of: "The Shield of Christendom" (It would be like a true story version of: The lord of the Rings: The return of the King.

The part that would concearn me is if they did, would they want to use the real Cetatea Poenari for the Siege of Poenari seen (in which case, they would have to either restore the castle or build a removeable fake body around it.
Personally, I think their is a really nice place called Twin Bridges overlooking the American River here in California on the Highway 50 rout to South Lake Tahoe that would make a perfect staging ground for something like that, being VERY close in overall structure and appearince to Poenari.

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Postby Ketu » Fri Aug 25, 2006 3:05 pm

This thead's writting is very inspirational for movie making. The pixels are not showing what is expected to be growing in California such as palms trees but looks like a scene farther north where these types of trees grow. :roll:
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