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Postby Vlad » Mon May 14, 2007 3:22 am


The 2 (two) biggest allies: US and UK cannot agree on a simple subject such as DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

Granted, this year (2007), US Congress decided to start DST earlier. We have no idea why.
Most of the EU countries followed suit, except UK.

Obviously there is a BATTLE regarding "where TIME is being controlled and/or DICTATED FROM".

Ain't that a shame???

Therefore, many BLOGS and FORUMS on the INTERNET are going to be affected by this "SEMI-COLD WAR", since UK does not want to play the game, and they do not switch to DST, whenever US Congress decides to do so.
Hats off to UK for standing up to a BULLY.

Does US Congress want to make GMT obsolete by switching DST every year:??

Doesn't US Congress have anything better to do, than play with GMT???

All of the SERVERS on this INTERNET of ours, are adjusting to GMT. All of a sudden, that is not the case anymore.

"Can't we all get along???" - Rodney King
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