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Open Letter to:

Postby Vlad » Mon May 21, 2007 6:23 am

BBC, CNN, EU and Ro Gov:

"To whom it may concern,

This is to report a critical situation regarding today's Romanian Government attitude towards Romanian Diaspora.


There are millions of Romanians living outside Romania's border.
Most of them chose to Self EXILE during the communist era, between 1945 and 1989. They represent the Romanian Diaspora.
They established themselves throughout the World: US, CANADA, Australia, West European countries, etc.

Any and all of them have dramatic stories to tell regarding their escape
from communist Romania, when borders were closed and the population was kept under house/country arrest, no passports being issued by the communist regime.


Prior to 1989, the Romanian communist regime was being curteous and
flattering towards the Romanian Diaspora, since they realised that
the Diaspora could help the Romanian cause and pull strings from the
Romanian passports were granted to those who chose NOT to give up the
Romanian Citizenship, under the title:"Romanian Citizen, established
The Romanian Government after the 1989 Coup-D'etat, even granted ALL
Romanian BORN from all over the world, Automatic CITIZENSHIP,
regardless of their STATUS towards the old Romanian Gov.
Whenever there was a regional/border issue raised either by Hungary or
Russia, we, the Diaspora, were spammed with mail from the Romanian Embassy and Consulates, asking us to support the Romanian cause.

Nowadays, and ever since Romania re-joined the EU (January 1st, 2007),
ATTITUDES have changed.
All of a sudden, all Romanians established outside Romania are NOW under suspicion and their Romanian Passports are not being renewed anymore. Not in a decent, normal fashion, anyway.

Once a native of one country on this PLANET EARTH, one would think that
citizenship is granted by virtue of a Birth Certificate registered in that
Not in Romania. Not anymore. Romania is playing its native citizens as IT
It seems there is a lot of communist debris left in that country,
who are not willing to let go their SECURITATE past life.

This is not only unacceptable from a human point of view, but also by any
WESTERN standards, including EU.

Please feel free to investigate this issue, as it becomes more and more
obvious that, the actual Romanian Government is more and more abusive
towards its citizens living abroad.

Let it be known, that the Romanian government does not recognize any marriages outside Romanian territory, nor do they recognize any official document produced by US, and/or notarized by a US Notary Public, except the US passport. These official US documents include US marriage/divorce certificates, US Citizenship Certificates etc, etc., unless they are being apostilled (a drawn out process, requiring extra fees and extra time to obtain).

This Romanian government has the audacity to request that the Romanian citizens travel to US without a visa.

We ask the Romanian government: Should the US passports also be apostilled ????? !!!


P.S. Please contact us if you need more details and concrete evidence."
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Open letter to the Romanian Government

Postby webmaster » Mon May 05, 2008 6:17 am

Dear SIRS,

History shows and will show that the Romanian government (between 1989 and present) had been using the Romanian diaspora in order to advance it's own neo communist agenda.

Why is it that Romanian natives are not automatically granted
Romanian citizenship? And therefore a Romanian passport?

Why is it that a country such as Romania, becomes more totalitarian, rather than FREE??

While countries (such as USA), grant citizenship to children born
(even) on a US vessel, you, an ex-communist country, have a
different approach:

"Being born in Romania does not necessarily insure Romanian citizenship".

Can you please explain this in front of the EUROPEAN UNION?
Or in front of the UNITED NATIONS??

Does Romania deny citizenship to its own natives?? Why is that?

With all due respect, some of us were able to escape the
communist regime of 1945-1989.
We did not have the "clout" that some of your "adopted children" had (see Adrian Paunescu, who was caught climbing the fence at the US Embassy in December 1989, and is now a SENATOR..or something like that).

That does not mean that the subsequent governments can
ignore us (the Romanian diaspora). Nor does it mean that native Romanians can be "played" and their lives be "handled" or "mishandled", according to your whims.

What gives you the right to continue to opress, suppress and
obfuscate the FREE world??

Please re-group and give us a decent answer.

The real dissidents were self exiles, only able to write from outside their native/oppressive countries.

In case this Romanian Government is true to life, it should send re-newed Romanian Passports to all the Romanian natives living abroad. PERIOD.

Otherwise, there shall always be a big question mark, regarding
the truthfulness of the Romanian Government in AD 2008.

Best regards, and keep up the good work.

May 5, 2008
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