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Vlad Tepes - The Impaler Poenari Castle Vlad Tepes - The Impaler

Since Romania had been a victim of communism, and associated with Moscow's communism for the last 50 years or so, we decided to present a different aspect of Romania, back in 1997. Dracula's Castle site is the result of that thought.
Romania is not only about orphanages and/or poor peasants driving horse/donkey/cow carts on the roads, as the Western Media tried hard to depict it between 1970's and 2000, and would have you believe, to this day. Romania is a beautiful country, with beautiful and hospitable people. The country's relief variety, from dramatic mountains, to slow and mellow grassy and foresty hills, to the shores of the Black Sea, provides an enticing experience to any seasoned traveler. Why would Western Media show only negative sites and sides of Romania?. We shall never know. Please visit this site with an open mind, and try to understand the struggle of the Romanian people/population throughout the centuries. From the Roman Conquest - Emperor Trajan(A.D.101), to 1989, when Romania's last Dictator was toppled. Then, try to understand the Romanian spirit, after all the deceits and let downs. Enjoy the trip !

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